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Freeze drying machine ( The lyophilizer) The working principle of

Freeze drying machine ( The lyophilizer) Is one of the use of the principle of sublimation drying technology, is that the matter will be dry at low temperature quick frozen, and then in the appropriate vacuum environment, the frozen water molecules directly sublimate into the process of water vapour to escape. Freeze drying product called freeze-dried material ( lyophilizer) , this process is called freeze-drying ( 冻干法) 。

the material always in front of the dry at low temperature ( Frozen) , ice crystals evenly distributed in the material at the same time, the sublimation process will not happen by dehydration enrichment phenomenon, avoided by steam bubble, oxidation and other side effects. Are dry porous sponge dry substance, the volume is basically remain unchanged, easily soluble in water and recover. In the largest extent, prevent the degeneration of the physical and chemical and biological aspects of dry substance.

the lyophilizer by the refrigeration system, vacuum system, heating system, electrical instrumentation control system. Main components of the lyophilizer for drying chamber, condenser, refrigeration units, vacuum pump, heating/cooling devices, etc. The working principle of the lyophilizer is to items in the dry freeze below the triple point temperature first, then under vacuum conditions in the items of solid water ( Ice) Sublimated into water vapor, directly out of goods, dry goods. Was admitted to the frozen warehouse material after pretreatment frozen, again into the sublimation dehydration, drying storehouse in the post-processing workshop after packaging. Vacuum system build low pressure conditions for sublimation drying storehouse, heating system to provide material latent heat of sublimation, refrigeration system to the cold trap and provide the required cold quantity of drying chamber.

to requirement is the quality of freeze-dried products: biological activity remains the same, colour and lustre is uniform appearance and form full, firm structure, fast dissolving, low residual moisture. To get high quality products, the theory and process of freeze should have a more comprehensive understanding. Freeze-drying process including precool, sublimation and then freeze-dried three phases. Reasonably and effectively shorten the lyophilization cycle in the industrial production has obvious economic value.
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