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Freeze-drying machine manufacturers

Freeze-drying machine manufacturers - - Find, was established in 2005 for many years of production experience and customer. Is a collection of the lyophilizer research and development, production, manufacture, sale in a body, refrigeration equipment manufacturing enterprises, the accumulation of user experience for many years, constantly upgrading. Company has a number of refrigeration equipment industry technical experts, cited Germany's advanced technology, can provide customers with complete technology solutions, a full range of products. And the professional, considerate, timely after-sales service.

freeze-dry machine manufacturing integrator: freeze-drying equipment includes experimental lyophilizer, Chinese style the lyophilizer, production-oriented lyophilizer, food lyophilizer etc, and the product specifications, including wind cooling and water cooling refrigeration in the form, can satisfy the user process research and development, pilot production, mass production, etc all requirements

technology and products: with a vacuum technology, refrigeration technology, drying technology and aseptic technique as the main basis, according to its diverse portfolio, to the lyophilizer and its associated equipment, etc. , from a biological freeze-dried production scale of the factory to product, comprehensive analysis of various conditions, assist process engineering and equipment design and manufacture. To biological products industrialization of freeze-drying formal requirements, health management of production and management as a fundamental, constantly pursue development suitable to economy is strong, the rationalization of equipment, is suitable for advanced biological products manufacture of freeze drying equipment, and put forward Suggestions to improve production.

the lyophilization process: for solving biological products on the freeze drying process of the practical problems, is to seek the best lyophilization cycle, shorten the freeze-drying time, etc. Through continuous testing and user use accumulated valuable experience, to provide users with technical assistance at the same time, and for technical popularization and do my best.

freeze-dried biological products development: with rich experience and the actual results, for the development of new products, in the process of software and hardware in technical assistance, and collaborative research development and application.

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