Freeze drying machine in the application of biological macromolecules functional materials preparation

by:CBFI     2020-10-15
Freeze-drying machine, also known as the lyophilizer, its application in preparation of biological macromolecules functional materials has a unique advantage. Such as tea polysaccharide is a kind of acid combined with proteins in tea polysaccharides or glycoprotein, have fall blood sugar, anti-inflammatory, anticoagulant, antithrombotic and other pharmacological effects.

the tea shattered, joint water bath extraction by microwave, centrifugal, concentration, alcohol, and then by freeze drying machine vacuum freeze-drying to gray powder, coarse tea polysaccharide extraction of crude tea polysaccharide Sevag method is used to take off the protein, the volume ratio of 4 1 chloroform/n-butyl alcohol added to the mixture samples, mixture and residual protein gel formation, centrifugal, finally vacuum freeze drying, gray tea polysaccharide. The technology is complex, but get the tea polysaccharide was of high purity and well keep the biological activities of tea polysaccharide, thanks to the vacuum freeze-drying is a critical process.

freeze drying machine:
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