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Freeze drying machine in the application of bacillus subtilis

Bacillus subtilis ( Bacillus subtilis) Is a kind of addicted to warm aerobic gram-positive bacilli spore production. Its diverse physiological characteristics, the bacteria are widely distributed, easy separation, on the environment pollution-free, non-toxic for human, and can produce a variety of antibiotics and enzymes, broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity. Produced by the fungus spores on high temperature and certain chemicals has strong resistance, for form processing and its survival in the environment, thus laid a foundation for the colonization and reproduction.
bacillus subtilis ( Bacillus subtilis) Has a variety of functions, it is a kind of fine strains of can be applied to many fields, for example, could serve as a microbial pesticide, microbial feed additives, biological organic fertilizer inoculum, rags, etc. In recent years, along with the continuously go deep into micro ecology, as a kind of beneficial bacteria bacillus subtilis has been widely research and development. However, due to long-term preservation is difficult, and the mutation probability is bigger, so the preservation of bacillus subtilis become research hot topic.
using freeze dryer strains of lyophilized preservation is a variety of preservation method of a kind of ideal, should choose the right in the process of vacuum freeze-drying protective agents to reduce target bacteria in the mortality rate in the process of freeze-drying. Different protective protective effect of different species is different, generally speaking, a single protective protective effect than compound with protective agent. Only choose appropriate effective compound with protective agent, makes it possible to protect biological activity and physiological and biochemical characteristics of target bacteria, so as to reduce the frozen and vacuum in the process of damage of target bacteria.

the lyophilizer:
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