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Freeze drying machine in FIG freeze-drying process

Freeze dried FIG by freeze drying machine equipment in vacuum cryogenic environment, freeze-dry dehydration drying system, its characteristic is to keep the raw materials of fresh fruit appearance quality and nutritional value. To maximize the keep fresh fruit appearance quality and nutritional value of raw materials, product after water performance is good, light weight, without any additives, resistant storage.

freeze drier in FIG freeze-drying process, mainly includes the following steps:
1, raw material inspection and cleaning;
2, and then cut into 2, 4 or 6 disc, or use the specifications for the 3 x3x3, 6 x6x6 dicing machine dicing,
3, will cut fruit, traying flat even, in - 40° C the following frozen, the FIG fruit core temperature reached - within 3 hours 30° C,
4, will be frozen good fruit, and on the freeze drying machine equipment of freeze-dried indoor, set fruit and vegetable freeze-drying curve process, start freeze-drying process,
5, wait for freeze-dried end of the program to run automatically, remove the freeze dried figs, after artificial selection, metal detection, inspection, packaging, stored in a 25 & deg; C the following warehouse, relative humidity below 60%.

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