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Freeze drying machine in bear bile producing application benefits

Freeze drier in bear bile producing application advantages, compared with traditional way drying processing drying bear bile powder, bear bile producing has the following three characteristics:

1, the quality is better: freeze drying machine can remove bear bile - 95% of moisture content 98%, can be long-term preservation non-perishable; Core ox sulfonated bear to oxygen content of cholic acid, sulfonated goose to oxygen content of cholic acid relatively dry powder increased from 40% to 66%; Fresh herbs is better; Cholesterol, calcium salt and other impurities content is lower.

2, lower yield, because the water content, reduce the impurities, in the case of bear bile on the same weight, the weight of the bear bile powder obtained by freeze-drying technology will reduce 30%.

3, the price is higher, because of the bear bile producing yields lower, freeze-drying technology, large energy consumption so far higher than that of dry powder, the production cost of producing drying powder, of course, much higher than the market price.

since the early 1980 s, on the basis of the introduction of foreign technology, through the untiring efforts of the scientific research units, set up the black bears in captivity, artificial reproduction, live bear bile and a series of technical system, and promote the emergence and development of extract gallbladder. And after 30 years of development, live bear bile techniques from a tube for self organization colostomy bile drainage transformation, namely the non-tube drainage, is technical innovation of traditional drainage method. Which eliminated the bear the pain, this is a big progress in animal welfare, also make it easier to bear bile powder production.

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