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Freeze drying machine in asparagus freeze-dried instant powder processing technology

Asparagus freeze-dried instant powder producing by freeze drying machine, can maintain asparagus original nutrients, can meet the needs of the human body, at the same time freeze-dried asparagus does not need to add any preservatives and pigment, safe and convenient to eat, blunt tonality, follow the development direction of natural, nutrition, return to nature, to increase the utilization of asparagus and economic benefits.

freeze drier in asparagus freeze-dried instant powder processing technology, mainly as follows:

the main technological process: raw juice & ndash; Modulation & ndash; Precool & ndash; Vacuum freeze drying.

( 1) Raw juice: will thaw asparagus cast material USES juicer get asparagus juice juice;

( 2) Modulation: asparagus juice, the 6 - volume ratio Milk, quality matters more than 6-7% 7% sucrose, mass ratio of 0. 25 - 0. Citric acid, quality matters more than 13-35% 17% of maltodextrin order into the asparagus juice mix;

( 3) Precool: asparagus juice into the freeze drier material tray, paving, precool in the freezer, material at the center of the temperature reached the final request - 20℃;

( 4) Vacuum freeze drying: will the precool materials freeze-drying chamber that is put in the freeze dryer to vacuum freeze drying in low temperature.

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