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Freeze drying machine applied in insect food freeze-dried

Freeze drier in insect food freeze-dried application, in the 21st century is the dominant food functional food, and insect food is typical of the functional food. Given the insects is a large family of huge potential for development of biological resources and nutrition treasure, can eat medicine, can be a senior athletes, the elderly, young children nutrition and effective drugs. As the third generation of proteins, known as & other; Natural albumin & throughout; 。

as can be absorbed by human body more quickly, better quality, and not rely on & other Insect protein & throughout; Is bound to become the future & other; Dietary supplements & throughout; Main products of the market. Aiming at the problem of insect protein was difficult to remain active. Freeze drying machine in insect food freeze-dried application, vacuum freeze-dried extract insect active protein in low temperature. Freeze-dried extract insect protein, protein yield is higher, and keep its activity. Freeze-dried extract is the use of freeze drying machine, with the method of vacuum freeze-drying at low temperature, frozen fresh first insect body moisture, so as to achieve the aim of no damage to extract proteins.

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