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Freeze drying machine applied in edible wild fungus freeze-dried

Freeze drier in edible wild fungus freeze-dried application advantages, with fresh wild or cultivated edible wild fungus as raw material, and the raw material pretreatment, freezing process, freeze-drying processing, processing, inspection, packaging products. Make wild fungus product flavor and nutritional ingredients, the product color, appearance, flavor is better to keep edible fungus, peculiar to the original quality of nutrient loss minimum, edible is convenient, long shelf life. Freeze drying machine in edible wild fungus freeze-drying processing application, the technology is advanced and feasible, strong operability, wide applicable, can be made into the mushroom shape, sheet, block, and other products, no shrinkage, after his recovery, according to individual be fond of joining Fried, boiled, cooking food ingredients, food safety, hygiene, and have some samples of characteristic flavor and odor.

instant noodle seasoning for powder, more than 10 years ago now, high-grade instant noodle seasoning add boiling water, green vegetables, beef, red radish, fragrant air just like fresh general, these are freeze-dried food. It and dried food, dried food, frozen food, a very different nature, is the latest achievements in high-tech solution to the problem of food preservation. Maximum save a variety of food nutrition, keep the color, aroma and taste of the food. Vacuum freeze-dry technology is currently the best processing technology in the world, with the progress of society and the improvement of people's living standards, freeze-dried food is no longer the prerogative of astronauts. It will be important in the 21st century convenience foods, will enter the fast food consumption. As we all know, fresh foods with high water content, make food spoilage microbes and enzymes easy works.

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