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Freeze drying machine application advantage in royal jelly

Royal jelly as a kind of health care products, contains extremely rich bioactive substances, it is also known as efficacy. But the shortcomings of royal jelly is also very outstanding, because the composition of royal jelly is very complicated, therefore, it is very sensitive to temperature, low temperature stability, high temperature failure, room temperature metamorphism. At the same time, the royal jelly easily oxidized in the air. Eaters must have a refrigerator, on a business trip or when away from home is not easy to save, when taking dose not easy to master.

with the continuous development of vacuum freeze drying technology, freeze drying machine is widely used in the field of health care products, such as the use of independent research and development of patent TF - equipment HFD - Four royal jelly royal jelly freeze-drying mechanism of producing, apart from its about 95% of the water, only keep 5 - 6% water dried. The royal jelly producing maximum keep the nutrition of fresh royal jelly original active ingredient was not damaged, convenient consumers carry under any circumstances, take effective nutrients, conservation and use of fresh royal jelly, exert its health care function to human body. Overcome the fresh royal jelly is not easy to take, carry and save the shortcomings, was welcomed by consumers.

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