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Freeze drying machine application

Freeze dryer is a kind of material is relatively advanced drying equipment, its principle is to put the water cut material at low temperature frozen, and then make the water directly sublimate in the vacuum state, and chasing after coagulation sublimation of water vapor condensation of ways to achieve the purpose of material drying. Freeze drying machine is widely applied to all walks of life.
freeze drier application:
the food industry: freeze drying machine is often used in fruits and vegetables, meat and poultry, aquatic products, condiments, convenience foods, and famous specialty is dry, so the lyophilizer, freeze-drying machine, also known as food keep food original color, aroma, taste and shape, freshness is constant, the purpose of good water and complex, convenient for storage and transportation of finished products and reduce cost, extended shelf life.
medicine health care: in dry royal jelly and ginseng, turtle, turtle, earthworms and other nutritional health products, vacuum freeze drying technology, better retain the nutritional value, more make people believe that the pure natural nutrients.
in the pharmaceutical industry: used in serum, plasma, vaccines, enzyme, antibiotic, hormone and preservation of Chinese and western medicines such as dehydration.

biological research: using vacuum freeze-drying technology to long-term preservation of blood, bacteria, artery, bone, skin, cornea, nerve tissue and organs, when use only supply water can be recycled, still keep its physical properties.

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