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Freeze drying food machining freeze-dried food production process

Freeze drying food machining freeze-dried food production process: raw material selection & rarr; Organize & rarr; Pre freezing & rarr; Vacuum freeze drying & rarr; Post-processing & rarr; Packaging and storage.

freeze-dried food processing process, fruits and vegetables, for example, the main steps are as follows:

stuck between step 1, raw material choice: all raw materials come from legal channels, must ensure that the raw material of fresh, no smell, no decay phenomenon, pesticide residues and contaminants limited shall comply with the provisions of the corresponding national standards, industry standards;
step 2, cleaning: clean soil debris clean, remove some skin too old leaves;
step three, cutting shape: cut into different shapes according to customer requirements;
step four, blanching, chopped vegetables in the water tank in time, within the prescribed time and temperature for blanching, water temperature above 85 ℃ on the material, remained above 90 ℃ for blanching 3 minutes;
step five, cooling: cooked scooped up after the completion of cooling, prevent accumulation;
step 6, ingredients: according to the product and the customer request to add salt or no added salt, don't add other food additives;
step seven, plate: the vegetables timely loading standard metal plate after cooling ingredients into the frozen library, material temperature above 20 ℃ available fan cooling in time to go into the freezer;
step eight, freeze: the freezer temperature control in - Below 18 ℃, freezing time in 1. 5 hours.
9, vacuum freeze drying step: after the completion of the freezing, metal plate connected quickly moved to brand food freezing dryer, conducted under the rules of operating vacuum freeze sublimation drying process; Vacuum freeze sublimation drying process middle early to mid vacuum to less than 1. 5 torr, drying with the material and quantity of the plate thickness change, from 20 ℃ - 70℃- Late 62 ℃ so curve set, drying temperature control at 65 ℃, 1 hour before, the drying temperature to 62 ℃;
step 10, the inner packing: vacuum freeze drying after the first check whether indoor clean, sterilization and dehumidification for open an hour early, Leave the freeze-drying chamber products must complete the inner packing seal in 60 minutes, prevent be affected with damp be affected with damp and pollution;

step 11, outer packing: according to the requirements of the load outside packing, pay attention to the outer packing boxes labeled correctly, tags can be complete and correct.

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