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Freeze-drying equipment for food types

Freeze-drying equipment for food types:

1) Convenience food industry

high-grade convenient noodles, rice, convenient rice noodle seasoning package, due to add the color, aroma, taste, after water excellent freeze-dried products ( For the vacuum freeze-drying of meat, seafood, vegetables, etc. ) Has doubled its value, market value

2) Soup processing

in the increasingly fast pace of urban life, with the advent of freeze-dried soup package, ready to taste a cup of delicious, nutritional health, reward people pleasing a soup, is no longer a dream

3) Instant drink industry

vacuum freeze dried instant coffee, instant tea and instant fruit with high quality grade in instant drink industry.

4) Nutritional health food and beauty industry

in the family of health food, vacuum freeze drying fish meal, snake gall powder, chicken powder, royal jelly powder, yak whip capsule of high-grade nutrition health food has hit the market. In addition, freeze-dried sheep placenta powder, freeze-dried aloe powder has also become a beauty.

5) Special industries

for mountain, plateau, desert, exploration, space, submarines, ships, ocean transportation regional living people and supplies supply, strategic reserves, vacuum freeze drying dehydrated food is undoubtedly the best choice.

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