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Freeze-drying curve

Freeze-drying curve is freeze-drying box board layer relation curve between temperature and time. The abscissa denotes the average temperature as the ordinate, time. It reflects the freeze dryer in the process of freeze-drying, the changes of the different time plate layer temperature.

freeze-dried sequence is different time in the process of freeze-drying, all kinds of opening and closing operation of the equipment.

biological products of freeze drying products, need to have a certain physical form; Uniform color, the residual water content of qualified, good solubility, high survival rate, or titer, long shelf life. Therefore, not only to the process of seedlings and sealed after lyophilization. What is more important for the parameters of the freeze drying process of each stage to conduct a comprehensive control, can obtain the high quality products. Freeze-drying curve and timing is freezing dryer are the basic foundation of freeze-drying process control.
freeze-drying curve and timing is not only the manual operation of the lyophilizer basis, but also the basis of automatic control of the lyophilizer operation. For example, the use of CAM and roller method for freeze drying machine, automatic control, score basis of CAM and roller is freeze-drying curve and timing, with microprocessor to control the freeze-drying machine, the compilation basis and freeze-drying curve and timing of the operation procedure, in accordance with the requirements for microcomputer of the freeze-drying curve and timing within the reservoir with microcomputer keyboard input.

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