Freeze dryer with the traditional medium small caterpillar fungus cordyceps lyophilizer contrast

by:CBFI     2020-10-07
According to the lyophilizer research and development and production experience for many years, has introduced & other; Small and fine, qiao, Jane & throughout; Characteristics such as small caterpillar fungus in situ freezing dryer ( Patented product) , also known as a small caterpillar fungus in situ the lyophilizer.

in situ medium-sized Chinese caterpillar fungus cordyceps freeze dryer with the traditional small lyophilizer contrast, has the following advantages:

(1) small: small volume, medium-sized Chinese caterpillar fungus is in same area several times the size of the lyophilizer smaller version.

(2) : seiko spy, as the sparrow is small, all-sided, key parts imported, stable performance.

3. Practice: use of flexible, cover an area of an area small, can be used on the surface of the table, can also be placed in a corner of use do not matter, and the same area of the lyophilizer covers an area of large, medium-sized caterpillar fungus and mobile is not convenient.

4. Jane: simple operation, in situ freeze-dried, reduces the traditional Chinese caterpillar fungus lyophilizer artificial tedious operation, small in situ cordyceps freeze drying machine is a key to achieve will start the operation of the system and simple operation.
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