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Freeze drier freeze-dried caterpillar fungus production process

Freeze drier freeze-dried caterpillar fungus production process: fresh cordyceps collection & ndash; Clean & ndash; Chinese caterpillar fungus tile material tray & ndash; Into the Chinese caterpillar fungus is special freeze drier freeze-drying chamber & ndash; Open the caterpillar fungus freeze-drying process & ndash; Waiting for freeze-drying process to run automatically end & ndash; Remove the freeze-dried Chinese caterpillar fungus, sealed packaging can!

note: special freeze drying machine equipment with caterpillar fungus cordyceps freeze-drying process curve ( After 3 years with caterpillar fungus are research and development) After, equipment purchase, without setting, without his grope for caterpillar fungus process again, direct can be powered up, the operation is simple.

compared with the traditional Chinese caterpillar fungus drying, drying, freeze drying machine freeze-dried caterpillar fungus in the process of production is only a physical change, no chemical change, need not use any preservatives, also can keep more than 98% of the nutrients. Low-temperature freeze-drying technology, Chinese caterpillar fungus volatile component loss is very small, Chinese caterpillar fungus after lyophilization is porous, water immediately after a restore prototype; Can eliminate 95 - drying More than 99% of moisture, make dried cordyceps can be long-term preservation and not bad.

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