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Freeze-dried tricholoma matsutake production process

Freeze-dried tricholoma matsutake production process: tricholoma matsutake raw material & rarr; Cleaning & rarr; Sliced & rarr; Plate & rarr; Frozen & rarr; Vacuum freeze drying & rarr; The machine & rarr; Packaging and storage.

freeze-dried tricholoma matsutake production equipment: recommended FZG series food lyophilizer

production process points 1, cleaning

put fresh truffle in sodium sulfite soaking in dilute solution 2 min, and then rinse with water, remove the dirt after the drain.

2, slicing

the tricholoma matsutake along the longitudinal cut into 4 mm thick slices.

3, plate

press 9 kg/m&sup 2; On stainless steel plate, thickness of no more than 30 mm.

4, frozen

average rate of 1 ℃ / min to freeze and the freezing time of 80 min, freezing temperature is - the end of Ensure that no liquid after 30 ℃, frozen body exists, otherwise will appear the nutrients in the process of drying, shrinkage etc. Bad phenomenon.

5, vacuum freeze drying

food lyophilizer operations: start the vacuum system, vacuum degree for ( 30 ~ 60) Pa, start the heating system to provide the latent heat of sublimation. Pay attention to the temperature shall not be too fast, in order to avoid more than triple point, resulting in thaw, thus affecting the quality of products. Material temperature at ( - 20 ~ 25) Between ℃, time of 4 ~ 5) H, then heat up to 45 ℃, the last pressure for 10 pa. When the feed temperature and layer temperature uniformity, drying process can end, time is ( 8 ~ 9) h。

6, the machine

should not be freeze-dried products directly from the drying chamber, appropriate through vacuum filling the nitrogen destruction, make the product of the porous structure is filled with nitrogen.

7, packaging and storage of

because of freeze-dried tricholoma matsutake moisture content is extremely low, easy to moisture absorption, and therefore should be in a timely manner after the machine vacuum packaging or nitrogen-filled packaging.

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