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Freeze-dried powder often encounter problems

When using the lyophilizer producing injection, often encounter a few problems.

1, producing injection visible foreign matter. Appear this kind of circumstance of the reason may be:
1) If the particles, is most likely still is brought by the rubber plug, especially for quality unstable, the stopper is in solution is very easy to produce white foreign body;
2) If it is other foreign bodies, probably from material or equipment is brought into the surface of the liquid.
2, producing injection in the case of uneven precool stage appears frozen, appear this kind of circumstance of the reason may be:
1) May be a baffle plate flatness is not enough, or freeze-dried bottle of contact diaphragm area uneven appraise;
2) May be precool temperature above the eutectic temperature.

3, producing injection, at the end of the freeze-dried products appeared atrophy, appear this kind of circumstance of the reason may be:
1) May be late a lot of sublimation heat up too fast, so that the water in the products of sublimation speed is greater than the water catchers water speed, freeze-dried cannot maintain high vacuum, a small amount of liquid water, dissolved the dry layer of product parts or half dissolved state, the original water vapor channel congestion, products appear throughout the &; Collapse & throughout; Phenomena and contracted, and not fully sublimation solution out of the ice.
2) May be only half tamponade cover from the bottle, make the moisture not easily come out.
3) In may when put the bottle to push too, have part of the bottle out of the pan.
4. Sublimation stage not vacuum after five hours, appear this kind of circumstance of the reason may be:
1) May also be the water catchers ability is insufficient or
2) The speed of heating up fast.

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