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Freeze-dried food market

Freeze-dried food is through the food freezing dryer equipment in vacuum freeze-dried processed food, low temperature environment can not only keep food original appearance, color, also can keep food original nutrients to the greatest extent. Then, freeze-dried food market?

with the improvement of economic level and the work and life rhythm speeding up, great changes have taken place in people's life style, food is also more diverse, but frequently describe the food safety problem has led to a broad consumer concerns, and more and more high to the requirement of food processing technology, convenient, fast, health, nutrition, freeze-dried food gradually become people's first choice.

freeze-dried food nutrition, safe, stable color, shape, taste, good water, easy to carry, easy to food processing and other characteristics, was welcomed by consumers in China and gradually accepted. With the rapid development of our country economy, people's living standards rising, also from simple to multiple choice of food, from quantity to quality, the high quality of freeze-dried food become more and more consumer choice. The food the lyophilizer. More companies in addition to participate in the production of export-oriented, joined the research and development for the domestic market and the investment, expand production can meet the demand of domestic market, suitable for Chinese tastes and consumption habits of freeze-dried food. Convenience foods, snack foods, soup drinks, nourishing health products even pet food are enriched and expanded the freeze-dried food market in China, the new sanwa, Su Bo, miss you so much, and other enterprises to stand out, occupy the domestic industry in the development of new heights; Euromonitor, a garden and lovely pet is going to assist food and pet food, children get good sales performance in at the same time, also led the freeze-dried food development in the direction of the deeper, more segmentation.

freeze-dried food processing technology and marketing gradually mature. In addition to the home and restaurant, also the technology is widely used in mountain climbing, travel, scientific research, military, aerospace and other industries, has made full play to its advantages and characteristic.

freeze-dried food in our country starts late, early due to high costs and prices, leading to a lower market acceptance. With the improvement of people's living standard, the accelerating rhythm of life and the choice of diversification, freeze-dried food processing enterprises in the domestic production and research and development strength, make the freeze-dried food is walking into the life of ordinary people. Freeze-dried food factory house. In recent years, China's famous freeze-dried food enterprises focus on the launch of the freeze-dried sheet is tasted, the electric business platform has been more than one hundred million yuan, the annual sales freeze-dried dry instant noodles, figs, durian appeared at the beginning of the launch is in short supply situation. Compared with the traditional food and take-away food, fast food, in various aspects, especially the nutrition and safety of freezing and drying food has incomparable advantages. There are statistics show that in 2017 China's fast food take-away about 8 billion pen to complete the order, amounting to 300 billion yuan, it serves to show the potential market in China. And with the global consumption of freezing and drying food 15 ~ 180000 tons/year, compared to the Japanese demand for 60000 tons/year, China's annual consumption of freezing and drying food only 3000 tons, the market potential is tremendous. My country is rich in freeze-dried food enterprises should seize the opportunities for development, product structure, make greater efforts to promote and expand market share, occupy the market of new heights.

our country is agricultural production power, has a wealth of freeze-dried food resources. Freeze-dried food enterprises should according to the actual situation of the domestic and international two markets, absorbing the advanced technology and experience, participate in international competition, the domestic market, concurrent force shaping the brand and image of the domestic freeze-dried food. On the basis of existing products, research and development promotion products suitable for the market and meet the requirements of consumers, leading consumer demand, will certainly to realize the double harvest of products and efficiency, build a blue ocean of the development of the food industry.

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