Freeze-dried food how to do

by:CBFI     2020-10-10
Freeze-dried food how to do? Food freeze-drying equipment manufacturers as you summarized below:

fruit, for example, about freeze-dried food do:

a, freeze-dried pretreatment

1, fruit picking, clean;

2, remove skin and slice;

3, level off into food special tray inside the lyophilizer;

2, food lyophilizer operation

1, put the tray of good material, in the food inside the lyophilizer freeze-drying chamber;

2, close the food freeze-drying chamber of the lyophilizer storehouse door, open the device, vacuum freeze drying;

3, freeze-dried post-processing

1, waiting for food freeze-drying machine equipment to run automatically freeze-dried end of the program, open out the doors of the material;

2, select sealing good pot or bag vacuum preservation.

note: after freeze-dried food out, avoid long time exposed in air, in order to avoid the moisture regain of freezing and drying food, taste quality.

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