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Freeze-dried cost factor is not necessarily hinder the FD freeze-dried food development

Freeze-dried high cost is the biggest drawback of freezing and drying food, but with the increase of freeze-drying technology, more perfect of freeze-drying equipment, especially the lyophilizer equipment localization, freeze-dried food production cost will be and has been further reduced. In addition, compared with the can of Tibetan food, frozen food, such as the transportation and storage of freeze-dried food overhead cost is low, and the high quality of the freeze-dried food are attached high value, can make up for the high cost of drawbacks, especially for the high price of food materials, freeze-dried cost in its proportion in the product sales price is not big.

the FD method avoids the traditional dehydration techniques of freezing and drying food color change, stale, nutrient loss, water-based some shortcomings, has to keep the original food shape, color, aroma, taste, nutrition is constant, good water complex, the advantages of light weight, low temperature storage. Therefore, freeze-dried food prices in the international market is hot air drying food 4 ~ 6 times, frozen food is 7 ~ 8 times. It in mountain climbing, navigation, exploration, military field and other special occasions, has an irreplaceable position, is a major food for astronauts in space.

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