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Freeze-dried caterpillar fungus is fake grass?

Freeze-dried caterpillar fungus is fake grass? In fact this is a wrong understanding, freeze and Chinese caterpillar fungus is through the new type of drying equipment - - Lyophilizer in vacuum low temperature drying of the proceeds of the cordyceps sinensis dry products. The lyophilizer is to use the new technology of vacuum freeze drying technology principle of the equipment.

in the past of Chinese caterpillar fungus and dry, either air drying, natural dried, sun is in the great heat drying, baking, etc. , but the traditional way can't guarantee the quality of Chinese caterpillar fungus dry products ( Color, shape, classification of water) , and high temperature drying easily lead to Chinese caterpillar fungus inside the thermal sensitive material loss; Since 21 century and freeze-dry technology is a new type of drying technology, using the principle of the sublimation of the physics, the Chinese caterpillar fungus contained first low temperature freezing water into solid ice, then vacuum environment, sublimation of Chinese caterpillar fungus inside solid ice into a vapor state, Chinese caterpillar fungus can be dry products, This is freeze-dried caterpillar fungus called it) 。 Low temperature drying, Chinese caterpillar fungus of shape, color, size, moisture content can be controlled, and get very good effective ingredient retained.

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