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Food vacuum freeze drier in the bird's nest, the advantages of freeze-drying processing and market prospects

Food vacuum freeze-drying machine, also known as the lyophilizer, manufacturers list, the bird's nest, the advantages of freeze-drying process and market prospects:
1, with the economic development, the accelerating rhythm of life, and people's attention, to preserve one's health supplements, bird's nest as a rare nourishing through food freeze-drying mechanism for freeze-dried edible bird's nest, brew instant method to satisfy the people's needs;
2, the traditional ways in which you need to use the bird nest to stew stew for hours, more troublesome, no spare time for busy people rather convenient;
3, liquid packaging on the market at present instant bird's nest, although convenient, but is expensive and can't see the bird's nest quality, short time cannot be preserved for a long time, as for the presence of additive and nitrite said, consumers need to open your eyes;

4, and through the food freeze drying mechanism of freeze-dried edible bird's nest, but the bird's nest after soaked, frozen and dried under vacuum cryogenic environment, need to eat, can eat to bubble in the water for 10 minutes. Such freeze-dried edible bird's nest, regardless of quality, visibility and without adding freeze-dried process, freeze-drying is a kind of pure low temperature drying technology.

5, the bird's nest can save more than 2 years after lyophilization, and since you are under the low temperature drying, can keep the bird's nest of 18 kinds of amino acids, every 100 grams of crude protein and 69% of the bird's nest original 14. 3% of sialic acid.

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