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Food vacuum freeze drier application domain and the effect of freeze-drying

Compared to other food drying equipment as well as the traditional way of drying, food vacuum freeze drying machine has the incomparable advantages other drying method, so the freeze-drying technology since the advent of more and more get the favour of people, in the field of medicine, biological products and food application is increasingly wide.

the food vacuum freeze drier in three areas of application, mainly as follows:

1, the processing in special food USES in spaceflight, navigation, military, mountaineering and exploration has been widely used in food used in the field operation vacuum freeze drying technology.

2, the hobby, fragrance and taste the coffee, tea, and the application of all kinds of incense, seasoning and satisfy people's hobby of aroma, taste sensory requirements. Due to the instability of effective ingredients, using the traditional drying method is difficult to meet it. Vacuum freeze drying at low temperature, high vacuum processing way make it quickly found a place in the field, and was deeply loved by the public products, expanding production scale, increasing the proportion in the same products.

3, the application in health foods and convenience food vacuum freeze drying products can save good nutrition health care ingredients of raw materials for processing, color, aroma, taste and shape. The excellent properties of reflected particularly well in the convenience of fast food, showed a strong momentum of development, such as about 50% of Japanese convenience foods is a freeze drying food.

the following is a food vacuum freeze drying machine in different food other freeze-dried effect:
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