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Food the lyophilizer

If you want to know the role of freeze-dried food machine, first of all, know what is food freeze-drying equipment! It is a can in a vacuum, low temperature environment, a new type of drying equipment for fresh food dehydration. So popular, it is dry food, and dry's ultimate purpose is to save.

and drying equipment belong to the same drying equipment, the difference between them? Drying equipment, believe everyone not unfamiliar, it is through the principle of the high temperature, moisture volatilizes for fresh food out, so as to dry. But high temperature drying defects are obvious, the high temperature will make the food shrinkage deformation, color deepened and nutrient loss greatly.

the lyophilizer principle is through the low temperature ( - Around 40 ℃) Environment, moisture inside for fresh food frozen into solid (in advance Ice) Temperature and vacuum environment, makes the solid ice directly into a gas, sublimation, dry so as to achieve purpose. The whole freeze-drying process under the environment of low temperature, so after freeze-dried food can keep the original appearance, size, color, and the most important nutrients. Through its working principle, therefore, I believe you about food lyophilizer and the understanding of the advantages already had a big role.

the lyophilizer is food and USES, common fruits, vegetables, aquatic products, health food, pet food, seafood Chinese herbal medicine, biological products, instant drink ( Freeze-dried coffee, tea freeze-dried powder) Etc. , application is very extensive. Because of its unique advantages, it will bring some traditional processing industry development bottleneck of new opportunities and challenges.

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