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Food processing on the cooling water cooling water machine

Cold water machine field but also has good performance in food processing.

cold water cooling machine with 0 ~ 3 & deg; C of the low temperature water as industrial ice machine, cooling cooling food to the required temperature. Compared with air and water heat is bigger, good cooling effect. Cold water cooling equipment generally has three types: water jet ( Is divided into spray type and spray type) Impregnation) 。 With water jet application again among them.

water jet cooling equipment. It is mainly composed of cooling water tank, conveyor belt, cooling tunnel, water pump and cooling system and other parts. In the cooling water tank internal cooling coil by compressor refrigeration, makes the water freezes part around the coil, is ice water and cooling water tank. Pump will be at the top of the cooling water pump to the cooling tunnel, are cooled food from cooling conveyor belt through the tunnel, the cooling water from the top downward spray to the food surface. Cooling chamber at the top of the cold water nozzle, according to different food and different sizes, for products pressure and nozzle hole is larger, as the spray type; Varieties of softer, smaller for the spray nozzle hole, so as to avoid food due to the impact of water damage.

impregnated type cooling equipment, generally in cold water tank at the bottom of the cooling tube, the upper has put cool food conveyor belt. To cool food to be included in the cooling tank, impregnation, on a conveyor belt move in the slot, after cooling output.

according to the demand of the product, choose a different way.
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