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Food lyophilizer in tomato vegetables processing applications

Food freeze-drying machine due to the whole process was conducted in a vacuum, low temperature, compared with other drying methods, can maximally save the original material physical chemical and biological properties, very suitable for tomatoes and other vegetables processing applications. Tomatoes contain a variety of vitamins and other nutrients, taste sweet and delicious, has always been a favorite fruits and vegetables. But is thin tomato juice, decay, easy to damage to transport and store brings certain difficulties. And the food vacuum freeze drying technology of the lyophilizer, can retain the cause of tomato flavor type and its original nutrients, well solve the traditional problems in the past.

food lyophilizer in freeze-drying technology for deep processing of tomato vegetables: tomato can freeze into ice in the structure of water and free water in great quantities, accounts for about 95%, parse the drying time is short, lyophilization cycle mainly depends on the sublimation drying time, dried tomatoes for flake, heat in the form of radiation, is passed on to the tomato in the interior of the tomato, quantity of heat to the surface to the sublimation drying layer heat transfer way, water vapor by sublimation to spread out.
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