Food lyophilizer in carrot freeze-dried vegetables processing advantages

by:CBFI     2020-09-27
Food freeze-drying machine is a kind of vacuum freeze drying machine equipment, it is widely applied in food and fruits, vegetables. And under discussion here: food lyophilizer in carrot freeze-dried vegetables processing advantages.

the carrot has high nutritional value, contain a variety of essential nutrients. With the development of economy, people material life level rise, people for green health food, without adding more. Through food lyophilizer in cryogenic vacuum freeze-dried carrots, easy to save, edible and processing, has the good market prospect.

carrots have a lot of dry, hot air drying is a common way of dry before. However, hot air drying cycle is long, the drying quality was poor. Food and the emergence of the lyophilizer provides alternative dry at low temperature, it allows in the low temperature low pressure down in addition to water. By vacuum freeze drying, therefore, can have a lower drying temperature and anoxic environment. After freeze-drying carrot not only retain the original color, shape, taste, because of low temperature drying, the heat sensitive composition is preserved, to retain its original nutrients.
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