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Food lyophilizer freeze-dried chicken and the principle of how to do

Through the lyophilizer homemade food freeze-dried chicken, its principle is to water cut of fresh chicken in advance under low temperature freezing, and under the condition of vacuum, water without going through the liquid directly to sublimation and dry chicken. Chicken treated by vacuum freeze drying is easy to long-term preservation, dry volume size is almost the same, after the water can be restored to the status of the form and keep the reason and biochemical characteristics.

food lyophilizer freeze-dried chicken, how to do the main steps are as follows:

first ready in advance: fresh chicken breast, small vacuum freezing dryer a

1, the preparation of fresh chicken breast, clean and clean;

2, cut the processing good chicken breast into 2 cm of small pieces;

3, small vacuum freeze drying machine specialized food-grade tray, and put good chicken pieces flat in the tray;

4, put the tray in food freeze drier freeze-dried warehouse, close the doors, open equipment, set up special freeze-dried meat process ( Manufacturers offer) ;

5, waiting for the lyophilization process ended, and can get lyophilization chicken;

6, storage, with good sealing cans or vacuum can be saved.
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