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Food freezing dryer using range and lyophilization

Food freezing dryer use scope, the existing freeze-dried products on the market at present including vegetables, fruits, meat and poultry, aquatic products, convenience food, beverage, seasoning, health food, food industry lead and other products.

1, freeze-dried fruit and vegetable chips

fruit and vegetable nutrition value is high, but easy to rot, generally it is difficult to transport and storage for a long time, has strong seasonal and regional characteristics. With the innovation and development of technology, was formed by deep processing of fruits and vegetables and dehydrated vegetables, freeze-dried fruit and vegetable, the fruit and vegetable contain too much water to take off, and fruits and vegetables contain chlorophyll and vitamin can still save, when eating can be recovered as long as the fruit drain into clean water, and keep the original colour and lustre of fruit and nutrition and flavor. Freeze-dried fruit and vegetable chips more and more popular, according to the relevant departments to statistics, dehydrated vegetables exports increases rapidly in our country, especially in the ratio of total world production is becoming more and more big.
fruit and vegetable chips now become a kind of new food, vegetables has already include tomatoes, peppers, LianCai, cabbage, parsley, chives, onion, spinach, mushrooms, such as yam, broccoli, carrots, sweet potatoes, fruit also includes Fu longan, banana, apple, cantaloupe, grass, pineapple, peach, grape, etc. Some scholars have studied the freeze-drying technology, results show that the freeze-drying technology can better keep the nutrition of raw materials and taste better than other drying methods. Li pei carrot drying technology is studied, the results show that compared with hot air drying and vacuum drying, vacuum freeze drying minimum impact on the sample quality. ShenJiang after waiting to vacuum freeze drying longan, longan, without changing the original flavor, dried form, especially the flavor and taste difference compared with fresh longan. Duwez study shows that vacuum freeze dried mushroom after water, vitamin retention rate were higher than hot air drying, and the deformation and Browning degree were lower than the hot air drying.

2, freeze-dried meat
freeze-dried meat products on the market at home and abroad at present has reached quite high proportion, and maintained a rapid development momentum. This is because the vacuum freeze drying can not only improve the quality of the meat products, extend the shelf life, improve the level of dry products, and can make rich ready-to-eat meat products, meat products, increase the kinds of meat product added value and sales channels. Therefore, many scholars studied the vacuum freeze drying technology for meat products. Xiao-ling qiao et al. studied dry slice beef freeze-dried products of complex water quality, found that after water after its shape, colour and lustre, microstructure, flavor type, content, there was no significant difference between sensory quality and fresh products.
in the freeze-dried meat products, aquatic products is also a research hotspot, already on the market of aquatic products including shrimp, scallops, sea cucumber, squid, turtles, sea sting, seaweed, etc. High plus dragon person with oysters as raw materials, optimization of vacuum freeze drying technology, found that the recovery time is only 20 min, water and various nutritional quality were higher than ordinary drying methods of preparation of oyster products sold.
3, freeze-dried mixing drinks
to sugar ( Or no sugar) , fruit juice, Or without juice) , plant extract, and other ingredients as raw materials, processed into powder, granule or block has been drinking beverage products is the impact and drinks. For example, solid beverage such as coffee, tea and fruit juice, fruit tea, vegetable juice, health care, nutrition, nutrition infusion of tea and red tea etc. Both nutrition and easy mixing drinks with freeze-drying technology rich, cater to the consumer in the fast pace of life demand for nutrition and health. Yang Hongyuan using vacuum drying technology processing fresh siraitia grosvenorii kelp composite solid drinks, without long time high temperature and high pressure treatment and do not add any additives, has more rich nutrition care ingredients and edible safety.
because of freeze drying technology can maximally retain the colour and lustre of raw material, nutrition and flavor, and freeze-drying mixing drinks quality light, small, easy to packaging to carry; Low water content, microbial growth is restrained, easy to save; At the same time instant and convenient for people to drink. As people living standard unceasing enhancement, mixing drinks class will be continued development, will also be enhanced physique and can meet the needs of human life play a more important role.
4, freeze-dried food
convenient staple food mainly including convenient instant noodles, rice, porridge, wonton, dumplings, steamed buns, etc. Currently, the main production convenient staple food drying method with hot air drying, microwave drying, microwave drying, vacuum freeze drying, etc. Many scholars this several kinds of drying methods and comparison, vacuum freeze drying technology to produce convenient staple food taste good, nutrients intact, good water, drying effect is obviously superior to other drying methods, and because the cause of the low temperature operation, especially suitable for production of fortified foods. Shao Wei and others is obtained by freeze-drying snack dumpling when eating with 90 ~ 95 & deg; C more than hot water soak 8 ~ 10 min, and can maintain dumplings the original shape and structure, has good instant and fast after water.

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