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Food freezing dryer production of rice noodles freeze-drying process

Rice noodles freeze-dried food freezing dryer production process: before freeze-drying, the need to freeze dried rice noodles packing container at the right moment, is generally glass bottles or plastic bottles, filling quantity wants even, container top surface evaporation as far as possible big and the thickness of thin, as far as possible for subsequent freeze-drying process effectively; Into the container and then adapted and freeze-drying box size metal pans. Before packing the freeze-drying box empty containers for cooling, then put the rice flour products to precool in freeze-drying box, brand food freezing dryer work, according to the condenser of refrigerator until the vacuum cooling speed make the condenser work ahead of time, when the vacuum condenser should reach - The temperature of 40 ℃ or so, after the vacuum after reaching a certain value, Usually should reach more than 100 uhg vacuum) And the products in the oven for heating.

general heating is divided into two steps, the first step in the temperature of the heating not making rice more than the temperature of the melting point; After waiting for basic finished product moisture content for the second step heating, then can quickly make the product up to regulation of the highest temperature; Keep several hours later, at the highest temperatures can end the lyophilization process.

after lyophilization, should put dry sterile air into the vacuum freeze dryer drying box, and then to urinating in the sealing of rice flour containers as soon as possible, in case of rice to absorb the moisture in the air. Freeze-drying process can be carried out on finished products.

food freezing dryer combined with traditional craft to produce fermented rice flour, water of finished products under the condition of the refrigeration system can save about half a year, people eat, eat them with boiled water bubble, more convenient, and maximum keep the appearance, taste and nutrition of the product, can realize effective promotion of fermented rice water, satisfy the needs of customers, and can bring good returns to producers, and can solve the problem of short shelf life of fermented rice.

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