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Food freezing dryer in hawthorn freeze-drying technology

With traditional compared to natural air drying, drying and hot air drying, through food freeze drier freeze-dried hawthorn at low temperature, maximum keep the fresh hawthorn nutritional ingredients and flavor. Freeze-drying process does not use any additive, and avoid the high temperature water loss caused by shrinkage weather-shack phenomenon appearance. Compared with the traditional dry products such as hawthorn piece, freeze-dried hawthorn whole fruit can retain and concentrate fresh samples from a variety of nutrients, such as sugar, vitamins, cellulose and minerals, etc.

food freezing dryer in hawthorn freeze-drying technology process: 1, the form after processing, sorting, cleaning, drain, sliced fresh hawthorn selection sorting, to clean and drain, with cutting machine cut in half, put in the stainless steel plate material; 2, precool: quick-frozen put half a hawthorn stainless steel plate in the above food freezing dryer drying chamber, in - 32 ℃ below 4 - frozen 6 hours. 3, freeze-dried: after low temperature freezing of hawthorn sublimation drying in food lyophilizer; 4, packing: waiting for the end of the lyophilization process machine to run automatically, remove the freeze-dried hawthorn, loading, packaging bags, vacuum and sealed.

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