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Food freezing dryer freeze-dried mare s distinguished from spray drying powder

Food freezing dryer freeze-dried mare s and spray drying of milk powder to distinguish? The two methods can be used in the dry horse milk, the purpose for long-term preservation. What is the difference between the two drying methods? What kind of powder quality is better?

the principle of spray drying: use spray liquid or materials into heat in a bottle, during the fall, the liquid will evaporate. The liquid will take off and was captured. Drop down product is milk or other products made of powder. Its defect is high temperature is needed in the process, which is why the nature of the product will be lost.

and lyophilization principle is the product in advance to freeze, then placed in a vacuum, again by vacuum, freezing liquid distillation. The lyophilization process under low temperature. As a result, the structure of the product is maintained, that is why after drying of products after processing can be quickly absorbed. Due to vacuum, ice would evaporate immediately and not into the water again, this will ensure the product original taste, texture and nutritional ingredients remain unchanged.

food freeze drying machine is suitable for dairy products, Milk, whey and cream) , coffee, coffee, tea, spices, powdered drinks and food based on grain.

freeze-dried products advantages:
- Almost no loss of nutrients
- Without additives,
- freeze-dried green health food Packing does not need any heavy
- Product
- reduction in weight Positive influence on volume, water solubility increase
- After water, the performance of the product has the strength level of the original product
- Short preparation time
- product Product performance remains the same, because
- drying process occurred in low temperature Product structure is in good condition, which is why the product after drying process to the cause of the absorption liquid
- again Freeze-dried products high quality, mainly because the process temperature to maintain low temperature.

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