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Food freezing dryer: after lyophilization nutritious meat, vegetable soup

Food freezing dryer: after lyophilization nutritious meat, vegetable soup? The answer is: yes! Because, unlike traditional high temperature drying methods, the principle of freeze-dried food is under the condition of low pressure, low temperature make moisture removal in food, so food nutrients and active substances in no damage, and maintain its biological activity, the function of food, color, smell and taste without too big change. In low temperature environment, in short, the inside of the fruit of moisture, retain the original nutrition. And it has good water, and do not contain any additives, is an ideal natural health food.

freeze-dried food generally has two forms, one is don't need water, see more at freeze-dried fruit slices, freeze-dried fresh milk or yogurt, sugar, etc. Another kind is need after water use, see more at freeze-dried bacteria powder, rice, porridge and vegetables bag and so on.

than do not require complex water food, food processing is more complex, the need of complex water in order to avoid the internal freezing prick, usually add some accessories to protect tissues, such as salt, sugar, milk powder, etc.

after water type has the quality of freezing and drying food is light, the complex water fast, the characteristics of the color, aroma, taste nice, compared with the traditional drying, puffed food, nutrition and physical properties of freeze-dried food were higher. Compared with the canned food, dried foods are more likely to save, not prone to qualitative change, and in the transportation, storage, etc. , at a much lower cost, became the focus of many enterprises.

but, with the traditional way of drying, high temperature drying equipment, imported food freezing dryer equipment cost is high, the lyophilization cycle long shortcomings, has been unable to promote the difficulties of large area, the technology along with the constant development of freeze-drying technology in our country, the domestic food freezing dryer manufacturers, recommend brands, costs are greatly reduced. In conclusion freeze-dried food maximum retained the nutrition of food ingredients and physiological active ingredients, to keep the freshness of the food, shape, color and taste the same, greatly extend the shelf life.

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