Food freeze drying machine: what is stewed bird's nest

by:CBFI     2020-09-27
With economic development, fast and convenient, nutrition, food has become the pursuit of people. Traditional method of bird's nest must pass a hair, wash, bubble, coupled with the stewed for a couple of hours to enjoy, time-consuming! Combined with the instant bird's nest, on market unclear factors such as low content, food additives, are people wise choice.

and the emergence of food freezing dryer and the wide application of bubble produced stewed bird's nest, convenient instant bird's nest, bird's nest health food. Namely stewed bird's nest, the main production process is based on the original ecological pollution-free Mao Yan as raw material, choose the hair and cleaning, and then through cryogenic vacuum freeze-dried food freezing dryer, no pollution, no add the entire process, without bleaching, natural nutrients to maintain the bird's nest. This bird's nest after the freeze-drying processing, soaked from pick hair from cleaning can be directly add water stew to eat.

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