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Food freeze-drying machine: the future of food quality and safety market

Food freeze-drying machine: the future of food quality and safety market? First of all, the director of institute of aerospace composite and technology of China market under reference zhihu a reply: & other; Food quality and safety certainly is the key to the future a period of time.

along with the development of the classification of social wealth and class curing, food quality and safety will be gradually differentiate into the unity of opposites.

a wealthy class will be free from a celebrity recommend, gradually into the science of high-grade food category, now the biggest problem is that China is now popular & other; Marketing & throughout; Theory, to a large number of quality no prominent advantage of food packaging into high-grade food from the corresponding space. And food safety and agricultural production problems together, become an important field of the national investment and supervision. A large number of environmental owe, and here the redemption. Even the red line that influence the problem of building and real estate. For the past planned economy, product quality has been the common people, must through high quality, low price security moral barrier. ”

with the development of science and technology, food processing methods from the traditional drying, high temperature drying, spray drying, vacuum freeze drying technology now ( Freeze-drying technology for short) , when the food drying in order to achieve long-term preservation, different drying methods of product shape, quality and nutrient composition is also different. Freeze-dried food quality is higher than the traditional way of drying, dry, this is a new science and technology is superior to the traditional old technology development inevitable result.

freeze-dried food why can keep food's original shape and taste? This is because the freeze-dried food through food freeze-drying equipment under the condition of low temperature freezing dehydration, vacuum freeze-dried food after fixed shape, on the premise of not destroy food originally skeleton structure, will fill the gap of tiny ice crystals in the skeleton sublimation dehydration, dehydration after the food not only maintained the original skeleton structure, the space will be accounted for the original ice crystals form microporous like a sponge, the microporous absorbent extremely easily, can recover fast food.

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