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Food freeze drying machine: lyophilized porridge to have nutrition, harmful to the body

Freeze drying food factory, to discuss with everybody: nutrition freeze-dried porridge? For a long time eat freeze-dried porridge is harmful to the body? The answer is no, freeze-dried porridge is freeze-dried food, no preservatives, no food additive, is actually cooked porridge by low-temperature freeze-dried food freezing dryer equipment, make porridge dehydration, convenient for long-term preservation and nutrition, food boiling water 2 minutes, to eat for a long time to also don't have to worry about, the inside of the rich, The market has been preserved egg freeze-dried freeze-dried porridge porridge, seafood, vegetables, freeze-dried porridge, fungus mushroom freeze-dried porridge, etc. ) 。

porridge freeze-dried maybe a lot of people still don't know the existence of this kind of food, the food is a new kind of fast food freeze-dried food, since is the characteristic of fast food bear the brunt of freezing and drying food is convenient and quick, like instant noodles, coffee, it needs is a cup of hot water, then there is the present is a bowl of hot porridge, this sounds is traditional, but in fact, that's true, this is the result of the continuous development of science and technology.

freeze-dried porridge can stand out in the fast food is the texture, like because of its brewed in dietary concept today, all the fast food to meet convenient at the same time is not enough, also conforms to the health and nutrition, and taste delicious.

with the progress of science and technology, the application of freeze-drying technology is becoming more and more widely, especially for physical activity to demand higher medical field, a lot of drugs and vaccines are made of freeze-drying technology.

called the freeze-drying technology & other; Vacuum freeze drying technology & throughout; , English & other; 冷冻乾” , referred to as & other; FD” 。 Its scientific principle is not complicated, simple said the first thing is the need to deal with material frozen ice in freezing dryer, pumping air into vacuum state, then slowly heat up, The temperature is still very low) To enable the moisture in the material in sublimate directly by solid state gas, resulting in freeze-dried products.

freeze-dried process are all under the environment of low temperature low pressure, so not as a traditional high temperature drying process produced in the process of the high temperature causes protein prone to degeneration of the active material such as loss of energy. Don't like in the drying process combined with oxygen in the air, so as to avoid the oxidation reaction.

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