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Food freeze drying machine: freeze-drying beef jerky production process

Food freeze drying machine: freeze-drying beef jerky production process
1, raw materials: fresh cow back legs, comply with relevant standards, the same NiuLing
2, accessories: fresh fruits and vegetables, comply with relevant standards, maturity ( Tomato)
3, pretreatment, rejecting the beef beef tendon, fat and other impurities, water washing, cutting into around 250 g of meat, cold cold water pot, toothpick inserted into the meat, after take out without blood for the standard remove slime. Remove to wash in cold water, and cool standby
4, pretreatment, complementary makings impurities such as peeling, capped, broken. After curing at room temperature the airtight cooling
5, segmentation: to cut the meat into 10 * 10 * 5 mm grains
6, to red in: 35 ℃ constant temperature for 2 h to red in
7, cooking: high pressure of 90 kpa cooking 30 min,
8, flavor: beef mixed with the pretreatment of complementary makings of maturation will soak 4 - 8h( Different materials different soaking time)
9, frozen: beef - Plate after 30 min 30 ℃ precooling, continue to freeze 4 h
10, freeze-dried: vacuum freeze-drying, selecting packing:
11 humidity & lt; 50%, select qualified products to 4 g/pouch encapsulate
12, sterilization, storage after high-pressure 0. After 30 min 5 mpa sterilization, cooling print production date and warehousing save

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