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Food freeze-drying equipment development, and promote the freeze-dried chestnut deep processing

Food freeze-drying equipment freeze-drying machine, also known as food is to use low temperature drying technology retains the nutrients in fruits and vegetables materials to large degree, is the production of nutrition, safety, high quality of fruit and vegetable chips products good low temperature drying equipment. The preparation of fruit and vegetable chips, relying on its low energy and good taste, in the fruit and vegetable class leisure food occupies the important position in the market.

the development of food freeze-drying equipment in chestnut deep processing in the field of application, promoted the new development of the Chinese chestnut. Freeze-dried chestnut chip of new products, not only taste good, and solves the traditional sugar Fried chestnut starch aging hardening, not resistant to storage problem, can greatly improve our province and even the Chinese chestnut processing plant industry development in the country.

freeze-dried chestnut process is as follows: raw materials for processing & rarr; Raw material frozen & rarr; Freeze drying & rarr; Vacuum or inflatable packaging & rarr; The finished product. Product advantages as follows: 1. Unique texture, crisp and tasty. 2. Natural pigment remains the same, all kinds of aromatic material loss can be reduced to a minimum of 3. Dried products are light weight, convenient transportation. 4. Moisture content in 1 ~ 5%, the product can be long-term preservation more than 1 year and not bad. 5. After water fast, convenient, also can be a good other food ingredients.

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