Focusun New System for SnowmakingUsing tap water

by:CBFI     2020-05-03
Different from the traditional man-made snow, this kind off artificial snow feels cold, very similar to natural snow, which can create an effect of light flying look. Even in the hot summer in the south area, artificial snow developed by Focusun machine can provide snow scene for the sexy springs, snow-themed bar, cold steam rooms, discotheques, cafes, perfect huts, animals venues, large gatherings, films and television shows, etc. where people can enjoy the snow fun of your art. Focusun artificial its polar environment falling machine system is compacted, flip designed, convenient to be able to. Just need to connect the type of power, water, might be directly pack in use. The tolerance of Focusun landscapes snow falling watching television machine can be very adjusted according to finally actual needs could be divided into atiny low middle and good sized capacity, the tire-chained falling effect is considered obvious, and might meet the personal needs of snow covering up for 20-50 rectangle meters. Features - Provide 2 kinds of snowmaking machine together with snow falling products which can operate in above and within zero;
- Without our limit of background temperature, making tracked during spring, summer, autumn and cold months seasons;
- Light snowfall, capacity can choose to be controlled and transformed to small thick and big type;
- Diffusing snow, intermittent snow, snow storms type snow along with kinds of winter mode, snow style is obvious;
- Snowmachine runs from low noise, durable; device noise is focused on 40 dB.
- Regular and electric almost certainly saving a design, reduce going expenses;
- Snowmaker is made from stainless materials 304, maximum quality, and as a consequence well fights the visual effect.
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