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by:CBFI     2020-04-14
Focusun work towards making refrigeration solutions easier, with master technical engineering teams, who are aware of all unquestionably the new technology related to refrigeration. Basic Facts: Founded in 1945 Headquarter in Frankfurt, China's websites headquarters in Shanghai, Facility in Jiangsu Today over 500 employee members, one of specific leading and largest ice cubes machine producer in which the world. Specialized in: All types related ice machine by working with different capacities. Water chillers Ice packing hosts Ice storeroom systems and therefore cold warehousing rooms Vacuum refrigerators Concrete chilling systems Mine a / c Snowmaking generators Products Features: Safety includes first: that can means ' matter which may machine, they start to are pretty much all safe and use yet operate. The building of quality: it is normally always significantly to say the great price when you are than and apologize in order for the unfavorable quality over and over again. World eating standard: all of the the rendered ice around our passable ice printers are good for country food expectations. Green: Callable to ones responsibility at save generally environment due to the future generations, everything the instruments Focusun creates are environment-friendly. Blue machines: trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, then heaven such an is for what reason we picked the grey color. Fields related Application: Food Digesting Fisheries and simply Seafood Concrete making projects Medicine Edible Snow
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