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Fluid ice machine (ice slurry machine) industry application

Fluid industrial ice maker, also known as ice slurry machine, has the advantages of good fluidity, large cold storage capacity, fast cooling, non-destructive refrigeration, and low energy consumption. It is widely used in fishery fishing, cold chain transportation, chemical cooling, cold storage air conditioning and other industries. Fishery fishing Fishery fishing has a long operation cycle, and it is necessary to solve the problem of fresh-keeping seafood. The use of ice slurry machine for fresh-keeping can perfectly solve this problem. Liquid ice can quickly cool the seafood, avoid the loss of water caused by air flowing on the surface of the cooling material, and will not damage the skin of seafood such as edible ice flakes and scale ice, which can maximize the quality and value of seafood . Cold chain preservation. Aquatic products, fruits, vegetables, and meats need to be in an open display state for a long time during the sales link, which is not conducive to food preservation. At the same time, the economic value of food will be reduced due to the loss of food moisture. Using liquid ice for food preservation, not only prolongs the preservation period of food, but also reduces the dry consumption of food and maintains a bright appearance. Cold storage air conditioning The ice storage air conditioning technology has developed in a variety of technical directions such as ice hockey, static ice and dynamic ice, but years of application have proved that several technologies have insurmountable use defects, which makes it difficult to promote ice storage air conditioning technology on a large scale. Liquid ice has the characteristics of stable ice making, high efficiency, good fluidity and non-condensation, which is very suitable for the needs of ice storage applications. Using liquid ice as the cold storage working medium can simplify cold storage equipment, reduce ice-making energy consumption, and greatly improve the stability and reliability of the ice storage air conditioning system. Chemical cooling In the chemical industry, fluid ice can be used in the reactor of certain chemical raw materials to cool down the chemical reaction process. Due to the good flow characteristics, the use of the fluid industrial ice maker can greatly simplify the equipment for ice slurry storage and transportation, reduce the equipment occupied by the equipment, and save the user equipment investment.
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