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Flake ice machine: fast ice making system

Flake ice machines have been widely used in aquatic products, food, supermarkets, dairy products, medicine, chemistry, vegetable preservation and transportation, marine fishing and other industries. With the hope of society and the continuous improvement of mass production levels, the industries that use ice are becoming more and more extensive. , The quality of dealing with ice is getting higher and higher. The demands for 'high performance 1. Application in the processing of aquatic products: flake ice can lower the temperature of processing media, washing water and aquatic products, prevent bacterial growth, and keep aquatic products fresh during processing. 2. Application in the processing of meat products: Mixing flake ice that meets hygienic standards into meat and stirring. In order to achieve the policy of cooling and keeping fresh.   3. Application of food processing: For example, in the production of bread, when the cream is stirred or twice, use flake ice to quickly cool down to prevent fermentation.  4. Application in supermarkets and aquatic product markets: it is used to keep aquatic products fresh, such as display, display, packaging, etc. The application of vegetable processing: the use of flake ice in the processing of agricultural products and vegetables can reduce the metabolism of agricultural products and the growth rate of bacteria. Extend the shelf life of agricultural products and vegetables.   6. Application of long-distance transportation process: The products that need to be cooled and kept fresh, such as far-sea fishing and vegetable transportation, are increasingly used in long-distance transportation to use flake ice to cool and keep fresh.  7. It has also been widely used in laboratories, medicine, chemicals, domestic ski resorts and other industries. 8. Application in concrete engineering: When pouring concrete in the hot season, the pouring temperature of concrete must be practical and fair. Flake ice cold water mixing is the most practical method. Flake ice benefits:    flake ice takes traditional standard ice bricks (large block ice) and snow ice. The contrast is high. It is dry, not easy to agglomerate, has good fluidity, and has good hygiene. The contact area of u200bu200bfresh-keeping products is large, and it is not easy Dampened fresh-keeping products, etc., are the first choice products to replace other standard ice in the lost many industries. It also has:    1. The ice-making service is high, and the cold capacity is small. The automatic flake ice machine rejects the latest vertical internal spiral knife ice-cutting evaporator. When ice is made, the water is evenly distributed by the water distribution device in the middle of the ice bucket. When the inner wall of the ice bucket freezes quickly, the spiral ice blade cuts the ice and drops high after the ice is formed, which makes the evaporator lose its allowable use, and improves the performance of the ice maker.   2. The ice flakes are of good quality and dry and do not stick. The vertical evaporator of the automatic flake industrial ice maker produces irregular scaly ice with a thickness of 1-2 mm and good fluidity. 3. Rough structure and small area. IF series flake ice machines include fresh water type, sea water type, self-contained cold source, user-equipped cold source, and ice storage. The daily ice output varies from 500Kg/24h to 60000Kg/24h and other specifications. The user can choose the appropriate model according to the use occasion and the quality of the water used. Compared with the traditional ice machine, it has a small footprint and low operating cost (there is no need for someone to remove the ice and fetch the ice).
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