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Flake ice machine: a powerful assistant for fishery preservation

Flake ice machines have revolutionized the fishing industry by providing a reliable solution for preserving the freshness of catch during long voyages. With the ability to deliver uniform cooling, these machines ensure that fish maintain optimal temperatures, resulting in higher quality seafood upon arrival at shore. Recognized worldwide for their superior cooling properties, flake ice machines play a vital role in supporting the sustainable development of the fishery industry while meeting consumer demands for fresh, premium seafood products.

May 30, 2024

In the fishing industry, ice is undoubtedly the key coolant to maintain the freshness of the catch. However, not all ice is equally effective, and there are significant differences in the effectiveness of different types of ice. Therefore, choosing the right ice type is crucial to ensuring the quality of your catch and maximizing profits. Among them, flake ice has become an ideal choice for cooling fish due to its excellent uniform cooling effect. Especially for fishing boats that engage in long-term offshore fishing, the importance of flake ice is even more prominent. In recent years, as fishery resources have become increasingly tight, fishermen have had to extend their fishing trips to reduce their dependence on nearshore resources. This change has lengthened the processing time of the catch. Therefore, the flake ice machine equipped on the ship has become a key piece of equipment to ensure that fish can maintain low temperatures during long voyages. By continuously producing ice, these ice machines ensure that the catch is still fresh when it reaches the shore, resulting in higher economic returns for fishermen.


The application of flake ice machines in the fishery field ensures the high quality of fishery products, thus having a profound impact on the sustainable development of the fishery industry. These flake ice machines are recognized worldwide by commercial fishermen, seafood processors, and distributors for their superior cooling properties. They provide the market with stable and high-quality seafood, fully meeting consumers' expectations for fresh, high-quality seafood.


Compared with traditional ice or crushed ice, flake ice machines have the following advantages in fisheries:

1. High refrigeration efficiency: The flake ice machine can produce ice continuously and quickly, with a large ice production capacity and high efficiency. It provides a continuous and stable ice supply for fishing captains to sail for a long time, meets the needs of fishing captains for long-term sailing, and can effectively protect the freshness and quality of the catch.


2. Easy to operate: The CBFI flake ice machine can produce ice fully automatically when connected to the power supply and water source equipment, without the need for manual operation. From startup to operation, the entire process does not require complicated operating steps. Users only need to simply set parameters to achieve efficient ice-making work. This fully automated design not only improves work efficiency but also reduces the difficulty and error rate of manual operations, making the flake ice machine an ideal choice for fishery preservation.


3. Stable and reliable: Fishery production faces challenges from various climatic conditions, such as high temperature, low temperature, high humidity, etc. Our flake ice machine adopts advanced refrigeration technology and high-efficiency design, which can operate stably in extreme environments and provide a reliable guarantee for fishery production. After years of technical improvement and optimization, the CBFI flake ice machine has shown good stability and reliability during operation and can adapt to long-term work under different sea conditions and climate conditions.


4. Strong ship applicability: The flake ice machine has a simple and compact structure. It is easy to install, does not take up too much space, and can be flexibly adapted to various types and specifications of fishing boats, which has important practical value for fishing boats.


5. Excellent characteristics of ice: The ice produced by the flake ice machine not only has high density but also has a uniform shape. This characteristic makes its cooling effect particularly excellent. Because the flake ice have regular and smooth edges, they can contact the catch evenly and gently, effectively avoiding puncture damage to frozen objects, thus ensuring the integrity of the catch during storage and transportation. This high-quality cooling effect and safe refrigeration method make flake ice an ideal choice for maintaining the freshness of catches for a long time, providing fishermen with a more high-quality and reliable refrigeration solution.


Practical application of flake ice machine in fishery

1. Preservation of catches

One of the main applications of flake ice machines in the fishing industry is to preserve catches. After the fishing operation is completed, the flake ice machine can quickly produce a large amount of flake ice to provide a continuous low-temperature environment for the catch. By lowering the temperature of the catch, it effectively controls bacterial growth and flavor deterioration, effectively extending its shelf life, and thereby ensuring the freshness and taste of the catch, making it easier to sell on the market. This not only improves the market competitiveness of the catch but also meets consumer demand for high-quality seafood.


2. Ice for fishing boats

Flake ice machines are also widely used on fishing boats. With the expansion of the scope of fishing operations and the extension of operating time, the demand for ice by fishing boats is also increasing. Fishing boats need to preserve the caught seafood at sea for a long time, and the flake ice machine can make ice on the boat to provide cooling and preservation capabilities for the seafood. The ice blocks can be used to store fish and other seafood, ensuring they are kept at a suitable temperature, thereby extending their shelf life.


3. Seafood processing and storage

In the process of seafood processing and storage, flake ice machines play a vital role. In seafood processing plants, freshly caught seafood needs to be properly refrigerated to maintain its quality and ensure smooth subsequent processing and sales. With its efficient cooling capacity, the flake ice machine provides an ideal storage environment for processing plants, effectively extending the freshness and quality assurance time of seafood products.


4. Seafood transportation

Flake ice machines also play an important role in the seafood transportation process. Maintaining the freshness of seafood as it travels from where it is caught to the consumer is critical. The flake ice machine can provide enough ice for vehicles or ships to ensure that seafood is always kept cold during transportation. This helps ensure that seafood remains fresh during transportation and remains of high quality and taste when it reaches the end consumer.



As an important piece of equipment on fishing boats, flake ice machines play an irreplaceable role in fishery production. By continuously optimizing technology, improving production efficiency, and reducing energy consumption, flake ice machines can better meet the needs of fishery production under different climate conditions and inject new vitality into fishery development. In the future, with the continuous advancement of science and technology, flake ice machines are expected to become the more efficient and environmentally friendly core equipment in fishery production, making greater contributions to the sustainable utilization of global fishery resources.

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