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Five major considerations for buying large block ice machines

Large block ice machine, also called block ice machine, large bar ice packing machines, is used for large-scale production. It is a type of machine larger than one kilogram of ice. At present, there are two main types of large-scale freezing machines in my country. One is an ammonia ice maker, and the other is a fluorine ice maker. Due to the use of two different refrigerants, ammonia and fluorine, the two systems are completely different. This is usually the company that purchases large ice cube machinery should pay special attention to the selection according to their own conditions during the inspection stage. The following five points should be paid attention to when choosing: The large ice cube machine in the national policy ammonia system has the following safety hazards: ammonia is toxic, flammable, and explosive. A small amount of ammonia occurs in domestic ammonia system accidents that can pollute stores. A large number of leaks will endanger personal safety. Therefore, not only is it inconvenient to use this site for cooling, it is a threat to nearby residents, and the government does not allow residential areas and crowded places to use ammonia systems. Therefore, before making a choice, we should first check with the relevant national safety supervision department to determine whether the construction of the ammonia system bulk ice packing machines is allowed. The fluorine system of the large block ice packing machines does not have this problem. Safety requirements Due to the complex structure of the ammonia system and many pressure vessels, large ice machines require stricter safety measures. Between refrigeration equipment and equipment, adequate water supply and emergency rescue ventilation facilities should be provided. Close to the computer room or computer room. Special cabinets for emergency rescue items should be installed in the preferred location. The cabinet is equipped with oxygen breathing apparatus. (Or air breathing apparatus), gas protective clothing, basic filter, gas mask, rubber protective gloves, rubber hose and other protective equipment. The machine room and equipment room are equipped with necessary emergency repair tools, which are prone to: pipe wrenches, movable hands, various specifications of pipe clamps to purchase product joints, rubber sheets, asbestos sheets, valves, packing, wires, screwdrivers, screw clamps, etc. Equipped with a certain amount of rescue medicine, these include: citric acid, boric acid and acid concentrated lemon juice, sour plum juice or vinegar. Used to salvage items and medicines, according to regular inspections and inspections, timely replacement of various safety equipment must be carried out before use. A safety emergency plan must be developed for the large-scale block ice machine production equipment used in the ammonia system. Any employee who discovers that an accident is about to happen or is about to happen should immediately report it according to the accident reporting procedure. After receiving the report, the leader should immediately rush to the scene of the accident. At the same time, all or part of the plan is determined and activated based on the facts that have occurred and developed. Even if part of the plan is started, the rescue team should be called in to enter a state of preparedness and enter a state of emergency at any time. 3. Operating costs Ammonia systems have been used in industrial refrigeration for more than 70 years. Due to the valve and valve control, there is no major technological advancement and the components are expensive. The cost of automation is high. Therefore, domestic applications have been unable to achieve complete automation. Because the operation makes the large block ice maker with strong expertise and ammonia system universal 24, it runs for a whole day and requires a large number of professionals to watch in turn. Protection, which leads to an increase in the labor cost of the operation. In addition, the ammonia system has a larger ice block mechanism and many cold components. The refrigeration system is more complicated. Routine maintenance and damage repair work. It is very complicated and requires a lot of labor cost and auxiliary material expenditure.
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