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Fight against pandemic, LCCP Cold Room can ensure your food safety


Today, i concerned the news, Chinese medical teams aid overseas fighting "pandemic".

Everyone is fighting for this sudden outbreak,and we are no exception. Guangzhou Icesource CO.,LTD is actively involved in the fight against pandemic disease, and has made the social responsibility and the biggest contribution that an enterprise should bear. Therefore, the government has given the CBFI the honorary title of an advanced enterprise to fight the pandemic.

Now many countries also have pandemic situation. We thought of our foreign friends. However, For the food safety, we need ensure safety food processing, our LCCP cold room can solve it for you.

LCCP(Low-temperature Clean Comfortable Food Processing Plant)

L: low temperature,Safety & efficiency

C:Clean,Ensure the sanitation

C:Comfortable, People-oriented to evaluate

P:Plant, People-oriented to evaluate efficiency


Food cold chain logistics:

Food processing--Cold storage--Cold chain distribution--Supermarket--Customers

Food processing is the starting point of all links in the whole food cold chain logistics.The quality of food processing directly determines the quality of food. There are many factors affecting the quality of food processing, and one of the important points is the food processing plant. Food processing workshops have a huge impact on food quality, especially in the primary processing of fruits and vegetables,livestock and poultry slaughter, and aquatic products processing,which place high demand on the processing workshop. We are committed to the construction of food processing workshops, and has taken the lead in the industry to propose the concept of LCCP to help improve the quality of food from the source.

 news-Fight against pandemic, LCCP Cold Room can ensure your food safety-CBFI-img

For your food safety, the LCCP cold room is your best choice. We can provide you one-stand service for design, construction and operation training. And we have a team of more than 50 engineers and an after-sales team of more than 30 people. After-sales service can be provided to customers all over the world.