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Fault summary and after-sales

After-sales service is provided by the after sale service activities. And the after-sales service itself is also a kind of promotion methods. Perfect after-sale is a must to implement behavior seriously. In as well as the, also want to think. Summary.
perfect after-sales is summarized. There're some prominent problems have been found.
1. Load exception: make compressor built-in thermal protector is frequent movement, may lose its contact adhesion and use protector, thus burning motor. Lubrication failure, the friction resistance is a major cause of abnormal load. To solve the problem of lubrication failure, mainly from the following several aspects:
(1) regular inspection, prevent the liquid;
2 oil overheating ( High exhaust temperature) ;
(3) solving the problem of system back to oil or lack of oil.

2. Electrical design no overload protection or over-current protection, the production of motor is very dangerous. Note: the
(1) the power cord through the air switch is also very important.
2 compressor rated current exceeds 140%, must through thermal breaker switch,
(3) to prevent burning point machine, ensure the production, increase external overload protection, such as thermal relay protection. Is the effective means.
(4) if the current compressor is bigger, the motor winding continues to work under high temperature, this situation may short-circuit coil insulation damage and make the motor burned.

3. Should be right choice, protect, and check the contactor. Frequency of the motor can make poor quality contactor angular point easy to adhesion. Relying on the contactor disconnect all compressor power circuit protection control ( High and low voltage protection, exhaust temperature protection, water protection, etc. ) Will all failure, cold water machine compressor in unprotected state, resulting in motor burn down.

4. Insufficient cooling is one of the reasons for compressor motor burn down. Enclosed vortex compressor is commonly by the industrial ice machine cooling, industrial ice machine large leakage cause of compression cooling is not enough. , of course, a lot of leakage tend to cause low voltage protection and thermal protection, but if cold water machine, low voltage protection and thermal protection failure will lead to the compressor burned.
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