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Fast deicing technology of direct cooling block ice machine

De-icing disadvantages of direct cooling block ice machines on the market 1. Now the direct cooling block ice machines on the market are deicing. The heat can only be used to heat two sides of the ice cube when passing through the film. The two sides transfer heat through the membrane, and the time to wear through the membrane is long. 2. High energy consumption: because of the long time of ice piercing, the electricity cost of ice piercing is higher, and the energy consumption is higher. 3, adhere to low: traditional direct cooling ice piercing time is longer to wear ice, which is effective for ice making The time is short, and the time to wear the ice is long, and the ice cubes melt to deal with Biduo, so stick to the low. 4. Poor quality of ice cubes: The temperature of ice cubes in traditional direct cooling block ice machines is high. As the temperature of ice cubes is low, the ice will be worn more casually, and it will take longer to wear for a long time. Ice also heats up the temperature of the ice cube, so the ice cube melts faster. Bingquan direct cooling block ice machine has the advantages of fast de-icing 1. Bingquan direct cooling block Tube Ice Machine, the focal surface for fast ice penetration is that four sides are heated and filmed at the same time, so it manages the traditional traditional direct cooling block Tube Ice Machine. The strong side of the film shortens the time for ice cubes to pass through the film. The ice cubes melt for a long time when they pass through the film. The quality of the ice cubes is worse, and the ice cubes are more resistant to melting. Ice piercing means that the time for piercing the film of the snow source ice maker is short, which improves the ice-making abideency. 3. The temperature of the ice cube is low: because the four sides can heat and penetrate the film at the same time, even if the temperature of the ice cube is low, the ice can be quickly penetrated. 4. More energy-saving: Because the time for wearing ice is short, the electricity length used for wearing ice is low for customers.
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