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Factors to consider when choosing a snowflake ice machine

When purchasing a snowflake ice machine, the correct selection of matching parts can increase the service life of the ice machine and improve the efficiency of the ice machine. The main parts needed are filters, connecting water pipes, etc. How to choose the connecting water pipe: When buying an ice machine, the manufacturer will usually distribute the connecting water pipe randomly. Although the manufacturer will ship the connecting water pipe, after the ice maker is used for a period of time, the connecting water pipe will be aging and damaged. At this time, new water pipes need to be replaced. Filter selection: Tap water generally contains a lot of minerals, like inorganic salts, organic matter, and even some bacteria, which will affect the life of the ice machine. Therefore, it must be filtered to remove impurities in the water before it can be used. . When choosing, you should also consider the size of the ice maker. The ice production volume is generally based on the 24-hour ice production volume as the model number. The number after the general model number is the number of kilograms of ice production volume. When choosing a snowflake cbfi ice machine, you must also consider what advantages it has, which is also what users must consider. Snowflake ice maker has the following advantages: (1) Pure copper ice bucket, stainless steel ice skates, safe and reliable. (2) The stainless steel outer shell is decorated with silver-gray ABS engineering plastic, which is elegant and durable. (3) The ice cube has high hardness and low temperature, the ice cube is crystal clear, not easy to melt, and the cooling speed is fast. (4) Microcomputer control, water intake, drainage, and ice making are fully automated, no special personnel are required to operate, and it is safe to use. (5) The main parts, such as the disassembly of the water distribution pipe and the sink, do not require any tools, and are convenient for maintenance and cleaning. Keywords: , Snow , Price, Manufacturer, Snow Price
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