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Explosion-proof cold water machine

Explosion-proof cold water machine is special designed for the special low temperature environment cold water machine, low temperature explosion-proof cold water machine is widely used in plastics, electronics manufacturing, electroplating, medicine, chemical industry, the ultrasonic cooling, printing and other industrial production, it can precisely control the modern industrial production mechanization required temperature, thus greatly improving the production efficiency and product quality. Industrial cold water machine is easy to operate, reasonable design, excellent quality, there are hundreds of its specification, is indispensable to modern industrial production. Need not equipped with air cooled water tower, it is more convenient to use.

explosion-proof cold water machine main features:

1, host, select international brand compressor, low noise, energy saving and durable;

2, electrical part adopts original products, ensure the machine work stability, long life;

3, well-known brand pump, large flow, high efficiency, long and durable;

4, precision digital temperature controller, can accurately control temperature & plusmn; 1℃;

5, all stainless steel of heavy water tank evaporator, built-in automatic filling water device, such as cleaning maintenance convenient and quick;

6, the built-in security protection, can use the escort for you;

7, static plastic spraying enclosure, European design and elegant appearance.

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